Reply To: Dart’moor’s Double Dozen – Lessons Learnt


I thought the route for this series was excellent, and I really enjoyed the walk. There can’t be many other routes which are just right to encourage cachers who might be a bit wary of venturing deep into the moor to give it a go and actually see why Dartmoor is such a rewarding place to walk.

Having said that, the series seems a bit confused in its intent. If it’s set out to waymark a nice walk then having very difficult hides en route detracts from the walk. Also, I would disagree about not having the harder finds at the start of the walk. It’s much more discouraging to have a DNF 2 miles from the nearest parking, particularly if there is bonus info in it, and extra particularly if there is no hint!

If a cache is set so as to be hard to find, then perhaps it shouldn’t really be on a lengthy walk. Such a cache will just hold everyone up frustrate them.

I agree that having a simple “TFTC” log makes me want to tear my hair out. I am a bit more relaxed about newbies doing this, as they may not appreciate that their comments can wound us owners so deeply, but cachers with a few hundred under their belt really ought to know better, and there are some repeat offenders locally I’m sad to say.

I couldn’t agree more with the other comments about putting caches back where they were found, I mean, it’s not rocket science is it?