Reply To: Dart’moor’s Double Dozen – Lessons Learnt

Avatar photodartymoor

Pleased it’s proved so popular. It’s an excellent walk and we’ve had a cracking summer but even so, blimey.

I saw your temp disablement of #2 and think it was probably the best thing to do, hope you can find somewhere nearby to hide it.

This is one of the reasons why I nearly always give clear hints, and has proven especially important for Ups and Downs through the SSSI of Bridford Woods – it was a promise I made to the NT Warden when getting permission. On a main circuit two months ago there was only one spot where there was obvious damage, and it wasn’t clear whether cachers or deer.

Agree about copy and paste, or tftcs. Boring and discourages me from continuing to set almost as much as the reviewing team. The balance of that is those who do take the time to tell me about their story. Love those, and sometimes drop them a line afterwards to say thanks.

I’m not so keen on people placing NM logs unless where clearly needed. Had many which were posted in error and it makes the whole series look unloved.

Also, amusingly, I had a friend complete Ups and Downs and swear on his life that three were missing. All found by the next cacher, along with #3 which has now gained a new log in a bag. I’m guessing the original has migrated, but I’m told it’s still there – so now there are two.

So I would add another:
Put the ruddy cache back where you found it! Not a foot away, not in another hole that you think suits it better. WHERE YOU FOUND IT!