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I would like to thank Stephen for posting this and I accept that everything he says is correct. I did have lots of discussion with the reviewer on these caches before they were placed, but we concentrated on three aspects: were they achievable by most people – yes; could they be achieved in a reasonable time frame by some – yes (we estimated about 4-6 months for the mega challenge); could we set a level playing field for all – yes. I have to admit that I did overlook the “is it achievable now” criteria. But can I complete my 366 day grid now? Of course not, but Stephen has published that challenge which will take a minimum of a year!

In my opinion the only questions that seem to be important are: are these caches good for geocaching? Are these caches going to encourage new caches to be placed? I think the answer to both is yes and so did the reviewer when he accepted them.

Stephen may be correct in saying that they are not within the letter of the law, but I think they are within the spirit of the law, but in any case why complain and spoil others enjoyment – he certainly has not answered that?