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Oh My Goodness. Has the world gone mad? We live both in a country and in an age, where political correctness has gone completely mad. Now, it would seem, this absurd behaviour has spread into our world of geocaching. For goodness sake, this is a hobby which creates oodles of fun, it is sociable, we meet and make new friends, we keep fit and WE HAVE FUN. Whoever it was that has ‘run to teacher’ while the class weren’t looking, and complained about this cache needs to have some serious therapy in my opinion. First of all, ‘fess up and make yourself known. Meet us face to face at an event or post openly, not anonymously. What do you have to hide? You must know that 99.9% of folk think these are GREAT caches (the Mega and Minor challenges). I have to say that yesterday, at work, my enthusiasm for these two caches was overwhelming and in my excitement I spoke about them to colleagues. The consequence of that is that I now have no less than 5 colleagues who want to start this geocaching hobby and want to come out with us to experience the fun first hand. Explain to me how I now go back to them and say that someone has complained at us having too much fun and excitement and that the caches have had to be temporarily disabled while we have a debate on it! I feel sick!! I have felt for six months now, that I really must put some caches out there myself, since I have now benefited from nearly 600 finds of other peoples hard work. Rather selfish, I know, but I really had been planning and buying equipment to put something back into this wonderful hobby, and these two caches have prompted me to do just that, and sooner rather than later. Is that a bad thing? I think not. Does the complainant feel threatened at having to make an effort to put something back? Is that what it is? Or is the complainant a politician who wants to bring debate and political correctness to the hearts of those who only signed up for the enjoyment of the hobby? This negative attitude, and cowardly approach to a reviewer in secret makes my blood boil. I hope and pray that logic, common sense and views of the majority are adhered to, and that justice is carried out! Enough debating and typing, I want to get on with walking in the moors, breathing fresh air, meeting friends and thoroughly enjoying the fruits of the dedication and hard work of two loyal and very conscientious geo-cachers.