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I too missed all the fun last night as we had a power cut at 7.55pm and it didn’t come back until the early hours of the morning!

I think Stephen and I will have to agree to disagree on these caches. I have to be honest and say I DID think we met the rules when we planned them and we DID get prior agreement from the reviewer. However, because of the complaint he has been forced to rethink his original decision.

So where now? One option would be to get out there and place the 60 odd caches required, toss a few micros in hedges and it could be quickly done! However, that is not my style and I want to encourage quality caches, not the litter we sometimes see.

After a long conversation with the reviewer and with Phil, we will do the following: Amend the rules so that caches placed prior to 2012 will count for finds. This still means that we need to examine where caches are missing, but it won’t be that many. Phil will be working on this. This puts a dent in the original objective of a level playing field, but it still means that caches found before 2012 will NOT count. So to achieve the challenge you will still need to go and find 70 caches for the mega challenge and 21 caches for the minor challenge. Caches placed in 2012 WILL count as owned caches. Once we get the additional caches placed we are up and running WITHIN the rules.

I think the Forgetful Elephants hit the nail on the head with the following “Basically I think people want to count caches they have already done, so they can do the challenge now this minute.” Where’s the challenge in that? And it’s not going to happen with these caches!

One last word, if you want to place some caches so that we can get this back up and running as soon as possible, please do contact me and we will tell you where we need the caches placed.