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Hello everyone!
I thought I’d better get myself ”clued up” on the technical & Legal side of things before I posted here, so I contacted my Solicitor – the highly recommended Messers Worzel & Gummage, who informed me he was in a bad mood because Aunt Sally had run out of Carrot Cake………….and hung up! Charming!
Un-deterred, I made my way tentitively to the Challenge Cache section of the Help Centre and read up all there was to read about the rules and regulations of Challenge Caches.
Most fascinating.
I now know where the ”rules” end AND where the ”Points to Consider” start. To be absolutely clear here, ”Points to Consider” (PtC) are NOT RULES but the majority of them (ten in total) end with the suffix: ”will likely result in the cache not being published” so they carry a pretty hefty reviewer threat none-the-less!!
To be honest, most of them are irrelevant to this thread so I wont bore you, the ONE PtC that has been used in ref to the complaint to Groundspeak is number 5 which reads (in full) thus:

5. Challenge Caches may not require the publication of a new cache as a logging requirement. Challenges must be achievable by those who do not own caches

This ‘incriminating’ PtC when presented with the main arguement of Para 3 of the ”Rules” makes for a pretty compelling case for the ‘prosecution’ and makes publishing both these caches probably illegal, and certainly against the Rules & Regulations as provided for the guidance of (Volunteer) Reviewers.

I hereby find DartmoorDave & errrrrrrrrrrrr…………..myself (!) GUILTY of un-mentionable crimes against Groundspeak and ask that sentencing is delayed while psychiatric assessment is carried out on us!
In the meantime, may I suggest a ROUSING chorus of ”For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow” for the Prosecution …………………..