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Sorry Hobo – read all of that and it comes across as plain mean spirited, pedantic and arrogant. I’ve nothing against you or your caches, but what you’ve written here sticks in my throat.

reb10 – don’t be worried about the number of extra caches on the moor. There are tens of thousands of letterboxes out there, a few dozen (or even hundreds) more geocaches that are maintained and tracked won’t make much difference.

I love dartmoor, live on it (just!), and am very happy to encourage others to enjoy it like I do – so I totally support this and will help where possible – I just need to buy another map and start drawing lines on it! Hopefully it won’t be long before the easier challenge is listed.

I guess another option is to drop the 2012 restriction – is that worth considering? Or have a “Gold award” for those who manage >2012 caches only.

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