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“rickardclan” makes a valid point, if the reviewer had not changed his mind, about the validity of the challenge we could all be attempting it with a clear conscience. It is awkward for us who can see the positives in both sides of the argument, on the one hand Stephen is correct that the challenge cannot be completed now, but Daves idea is to get more of us placing chaches on Dartmoor and that can only be a good thing as long as there is not a rush of caches just for the sake of it. I hope a way can be found to square this circle and allow these challenges to go ahead either in their present form or with a few slight amendments to the rules to satisfy all. The biggest stumbling block as I see it is the date embargo of 2012, if this could be relaxed slightly it would make the challenge more achievable within a reasonable time frame, well we can but wait and see. Good luck to all and happy caching, remember it is only a game
Kevin Richards (alias The Celtic Jedi)