Reply To: Caches in walls

Avatar photoGoldenHaystack

I was surprised to find two caches in walls in National Trust properties.
At Dunsland there is a cache in a brick wall. Once found it is obvious, but if your GPSr first takes you further along the wall one could be tempted to start pulling random bricks. Not a good idea.
The other, one of Devon’s Oldest Caches, is at Killerton in some old but important stone ditching. For the urban cachers, a stone ditch is a dry stone retaining wall. Clearly, removal of stones half way up the wall leads to considerable damage. I see the log following mine recorded a DNF as they refused to search in the wall. In hindsight I should have done the same.
I am disappointed the National Trust has not asked for them to be moved. Any reviewer reading this thread may also note my dislike of the NT using geocaching as an advertising platform. By encouraging people to trample over their property just to get feet through the gate shows the mindset of the NT hierarchy. I mailed the reviewer regarding this when he published caches in a North Devon property obviously set by the NT but I did not receive a reply. However, that would be a different thread. GH.