Reply To: Caches in walls

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

I couldn’t agree more reb10, but I don’t think it was the fault of the previous finder but of the CO who placed it there.  This was my log of just a year ago “First of 8 caches on a short circular walk around this part of the moor. A very easy find without the hint, but as others have said, this cache should not be in the wall. TFTC.”  As I noted then, I was NOT the first to mention this, but clearly the CO has taken no action.

I also wrote this in my log for the Hangar Down Yomp “A very easy find in about the first place we looked, so TFTC . It’s great to see some new cachers placing caches and I really want to encourage them, but I know I won’t be the only one to mention this, but caches should not be placed in dry stone walls. It would be far better sited away from the wall. I’m sorry about the moan .”

It seems that you and I are the only ones who seem to care about this issue – what do others think, please speak up here and give us your views.