Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?


I only came on here for some cache info (not that i can find much!) but i wanted to register so i could comment – I found Nomad’s Retreat yesterday, took TB and signed log (with an actual pen using the log from the actual cache whilst the 3 geohounds waited at the bottom with their leads secured to a sturdy, unspikey gorse branch so they couldn’t terrorize the local livestock) I sprained my ankle a few months ago and it still gives me gip – mostly climbing… basically i am THRILLED that Finderman has not let P&C change her log to a smilie! I read the log just before I logged my find and was totally gobsmacked that she even had the nerve to ask. On all my DNF’s, there has always been loads of time, effort and frustration involved – but i still log them as DNFs!
Cool website BTW 🙂