Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?

Avatar photofinderman

Well, well, well! Update on the saga involving one of my caches; a nomads retreat. If you don’t know the background please read my previous posts on here.

I went to the cache to check if it was there. It was. In exactly the spot it should be in! The 15 people who have so far found my cache have had no problems with the coords etc.

‘Pebbles and co’ wanted to log this cache without having found it!

It seems to me she travelled from Wiltshire and had set herself a target of x amount of caches in an area. She had already decided that every cache attempted would be a cache found. A smiley. But, that was Not to be. So in a lame attempt to cheat she asked if she could log it without finding it.

She even told me in her log AND an email that she had recently broken her wrist.

The cache is not difficult but is not a piece of cake. You do need a degree of fitness. But this IS reflected in the terrain rating.

I’m glad I stuck to my guns. My standards of caching are obviously not as high as a tiny minority.