Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?

Avatar photofinderman

I need to throw something out to you lovely people on here. I’ve had a DNF on one of my caches ‘A Nomads Retreat’ (between Hemerdon and Lee Moor). The DNF can be viewed by anyone.
The nature of the DNF was Cows in the way…Lots of Gorse… Recent broken wrist which meant could only search with a stick.
He/she ended the DNF with ‘I think I should be able to log it anyway, could you let me know?’


How can you even contemplate logging a cache without finding it?!
That’s like saying well I saw the cache on the island in the middle of the stream so I logged it or I saw the cache in the tree but couldn’t get to it so i logged it or logging a cache in a cave without going in the cave!
I really don’t know how to respond. I’m actually shocked. Any ideas??!

I’ve walked miles before and not found a cache but I can honestly honestly say I wouldn’t dream of logging it.