Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?

Avatar photofinderman

Hi Lympstone Bogtrotters.

1. I am not ACCUSING a cacher of a DNF. I am posting my personal thoughts and feelings on a geocaching experience I had.

2. Having thousands of finds is brilliant. I wish I could but a full time job and two young children will mean that might be some way off at the moment. The reason I mentioned their Tally is I thought the cacher who has a few finds might be more inclined to (a) leave a TB because they don’t know what it is or (b) take a TB and forget all about it.
I always think a TB is safer with an experienced cacher.

As for signing the log. Groundspeak/geocaching rules state that the log must be signed to claim a find.
We all know we can get damaged/wet logs but I always take a photo in this situation.

Final note to mention. I am just joining in a friendly debate on this brilliant website. I am not concerned about whether I Win Friends or influence people.

I have plenty of friends.