Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?


I too would like to welcome finderman to our homely Forum, but feel compelled to fight the corner of ”thinly- veiled-cacher-with-10,000-finds-and-500-TB-Discoveries”. There could be many and varied reasons why said mentioned cacher, who’s identity I HAVEN’T bothered to find out, didn’t retrieve your son’s TB…………
But to accuse a cacher of a DNF on the basis of a non-descript log and not retrieving a TB is just not the way to win friends and influence people is it?
Recently, while trying to track down a missing TB, I visited one of my caches to double check on some log entries. The same week the TB went walk-about from my cache, a caching team had posted a found it log on-line but there was no evidence whatsoever of a written log in the cache itself. Upon contacting them for clarification they pointed out that they don’t generally sign the logbooks; for them the pleasure is in LOCATING the actual cache. They provided me with a detailed description of the cache location and container, and offered to send photographic proof of their visit, which of course I declined as it was by then patently obvious that they had indeed visited my cache. Never did get to the bottom of what happened to the TB though………………..
Right! I’m off to visit Finderman’s TB’s to see how the’re doing