Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?

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Hi There

This is My First Post. I never thought about geocachers cheating until a few weeks ago but something happened which seriously made me wonder.
my children and I were doing some of the Bodmin Bounds series. Each of my Children released Travel Bugs.
My Daughter placed one in a trad cache. My son in a mystery cache. (which involved research before our trip)

A few days after release a geocacher with 10,000 finds and 500 ish logged trackables found a huge chunk of the BB series.
The mystery cache was in a beautiful location and had a few favourite points. He logged the cache with a quite non descript log as I guess some do. However he didn’t take the TB?? When he visited the Trad Cache he did take the TB!?
I actually thought for several weeks he must of took the TB and not logged it until another cacher picked up the TB a few weeks later and moved it on.
Obviously i have no proof without seeing the log but i honestly believe this cacher on this occasion cheated which i find pretty sad and desperate.

with my own caches i dont check the log books. Honesty and integrity i hope are values most cachers posess.