Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

When I started this topic it was to highlight that many cachers were very reluctant to log DNFs. It has evolved into a discussion about whether you need to sign the physical log and should these be checked. I don’t check my physical logs and don’t intend to (I’ve over 160 active caches) but I will not accept cachers replacing my caches with their own and logging that (unless agreed in advance when they are doing me a favour). If the cache is there I expect them to find it, if they can’t I expect a DNF. I have never deleted a found log but have asked several to change them, which they have.

The issue here are those special caches that are not only required to be found but also for the log to be accessed. Joy of Caching 24 is clearly one of those, finding the pipe is NOT finding the cache. It is the same with a cache 20 feet up a tree, I can see it from the ground but if I am not inclined to climb the tree then there is no way I should log a find. We recently spent a day with Andy Amberel, he said that he would not log a find unless he knew he was capable of retrieving the cache. So, no sending up the children or grandchildren for him!

It is natural that different cachers will have different views on this and that is fine. However, imho, logging a find when you have not even been able to retrieve the cache, let alone the log, is not ok.