Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?

Avatar photoMiss

Don’t make a habit of reading every paper log but sometimes check, like dartymoor, if there’s a doubt. Also, like dartymoor, have deleted logs of people who have logged twice and not removed one when I’ve contacted them.

Also people who’ve logged a find but written a log saying they didn’t find it. Usually this is an honest mistake – have done it ourselves but always noticed and deleted without being told by CO.

The offending logs on Joy of Caching are by people who actually admit to not signing the log so no checking is neccessary.

The peculiarity to total/unique being genuinely different is for those who go after “Ye Olde Survey Monuments” caches which are virtuals which move but always have the same GC number. There is even a league table for those who have logged multiple finds on it/them!