Reply To: Are You in DNF Denial?

Avatar photodartymoor

You see a few things like that, and I think you have to relax your view of things – people play the game in different ways, and that includes cheating for some on occasion. A couple of examples of the past few months that surprised me;

In your example, logging as a found when you haven’t signed the log (or at least found the container) is clearly not a find by any definition. Mistakes happen, but I recently informed a well known local cacher that it was likely their yellow smiley in a very long list of DNF’s for what was obviously a missing cache was probably a mistake, their reply was “I didn’t keep tally during that walk” but they left it there along with several others that were unlikely finds. Nothing I can do, other than lose a bit of respect for them as I’d expected them to change it.

Another which surprised me was a large group that couldn’t find a cache and persuaded themselves it was missing, then replacing it with a new cache. They were all honest about reporting it as such, some in that group claimed that as a find, some as a DNF – but when the original was found by the next cacher (along with the replacement), it was met with disbelief and the attitude of “If the CO disagrees, they can delete my log” rather than admit they failed to find it.

I’ve been accused of expecting too much of people before, maybe this is another example and I shouldn’t care?