Reply To: Archived caches


The cache in question (GC5FFC) has been archived. If DD did not want this cache to be named in this thread, then he should not have led me to it via another of his caches. As far as I am aware the new cache placed by DD is not listed on open caching or any other geocache websites. The new cache is placed approx. 180m from the original now archived cache. So therefore, is a new cache which is not listed?

All geocaches, those that are clearly labelled as such by lovely stickers and those that are just unidentified clip and lock boxes or other types of containers are just litter. But at least listed geocaches identified or not, are known and available to be found.

GC5FFC has been archived, and its replacement is no longer even near the original location that it was placed in. If I come across the new cache which has not been listed, I will view it as litter and remove it. I will not log it as found and will hand the litter back to the owner of this unlisted cache.