Reply To: Archived caches

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

Wow, I love it when we get some real opinions and discussions 🙂

First Mr Grumpy – I didn’t say that the CO was stupid I said the statement re virtuals was stupid. This is a traditional cache NOT a virtual. Traditional caches need to be found and the log signed, the CO cannot make his own rules re logging the cache. Find the cache and it’s a Found, don’t and its a DNF. It was there to be found and I am mystified why you didn’t?

I too have enjoyed Wildebeest caches, but the truth is that for whatever reason, he has abandoned his caches and if it wasn’t for the statement re logging as virtuals I would fight to save them, but that statement makes them untenable.

I agree with Pumpkin Patrol who asked for it to be archived. He said too many cachers were logging it as found when clearly they hadn’t found it and I have to agree. It was a real cop out, spend 2 minutes looking and log it as Found 🙁

Now the truth: I visited Heltor Rock today and very quickly found the cache that has been found only ONCE since I found it over a year ago! It was exactly where I had left it then. The ONLY cacher to find it since February 2012 were Broyle Boxers on 2nd october 2012. Several who logged it during the last year admitted they hadn’t found it, but several didn’t admit it and just logged it anyway.

What else can I say but “It’s all about the numbers :(!”