Reply To: Archived caches

Avatar photodartymoor

DD – I claimed a virtual on Heltor, as you’ll have seen. I thought, wrote and justified it in the log. I think the hide might have been better off the rock itself, but then some may not have climbed up and seen a superb view and interesting holes.

GH – well said, and Wildebeest has placed many caches in interesting places and created a series in the valley where I live. The third cache I ever found was one. (Warty Chin, now adjacent to another trail of mine!). I owe thanks.

But the problem here is not the description, nor that it probably moved away from the spoiler or gone entirely (there was evidence of drinkers using Heltor last week, including a glass bottle entirely frozen in the solid ice of one of the rockpools), and burnt wood from either a bonfire or the Jubilee beacons)

This cache has had more searchers in the past week than for some time, and for all of them to produce DNFs I do have to think it has gone. (But then I thought the same of Blackinstone rock, claimed a virtual there as per the CO’s wishes – and he made it clear that’s what he wanted done, and it later turned up – although how I have no idea as I gave a very thorough inspection.)

The problem is that Wildebeest no longer caches and that all his hides are slowly being archived through lack of maintenance. I emailed him a couple of times and never got a response so I couldn’t even adopt them.