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With regards to the Jubilee cache, I found it all, but it was the original label which helped me identify it. However, it was leaking and the logbook saturated. It had already been moved, which is why it had gone missing. I tried to get the owner to unarchive the cache, but got no reply. I agree, you can argue that it is a different cache, but few caches are the original boxes and logs, often they go missing and are replaced and it is always allowed to move a cache. But I respect that argument.

The Heltor cache is completely different. I was the 3rd to ask for this to be archived and the ONLY reason I asked was that it was being logged without being found. This is clearly wrong for a traditional cache which has to be physically found. The owner hadn’t even logged on to the site for about a year and was clearly inactive. I would have adopted this cache but you can only do that with the owner’s agreement, it wasn’t an option with this cache.

Your last point is perfectly correct. This owner had 23 caches, 15 of which have “Needs Maintenance” against them. He was clearly inactive, wasn’t interested in maintaining his caches and it is right that a reviewer should archive those caches when asked to do so. Owners who are clearly active with an excellent maintenance record should be given longer. However, I would much rather see a change in the rules so that caches can be adopted WITHOUT the owners permission, if they are inactive. We are asked to remove the geolitter of archived caches but cannot take a cache over, as this would be stealing! What a crazy anomaly that is.