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DD, with the Great Miss tor “Jubilee” cache (GC5FFC) all you found in good condition was the original label and yet you wanted to preserve this cache even though it had been archived for a number of years. You replaced the log book and container and then moved it to a different location; in effect it was a different cache. You eventually listed it on a different site.

Yet with the Get your rocks of cache (GCNJEA), you posted a needs archived note on the 1st April and the cache was archived on the 2nd April. On the 4th April you found the original cache, but on this occasion, instead of getting the original cache unarchived (which can be done), you removed it and replaced it with your own. The original cache was there to be found, the fact that it hadn’t been found didn’t mean that it was not there.

When GCNJEA was archived by the reviewer, he left this note,
As the Cache Owner has failed to action a Needs Archiving Log, I’m Archiving this cache for Non Maintenance.
Please avoid geolitter by removing any remaining traces of your cache or contact a local cacher to do so for you. If you are having difficulty doing so then please contact me via my profile and I will try to get someone to assist. This is particularly important if your cache appears to contain Travelbugs or Geocoins.

I am not sure why this website needs to promote geolitter; there are many caches available on Dartmoor. I do not feel the need to visit archived caches that have not been removed and will not do so, I completely understand that many others will not feel that way and will log finds, that is their choice.

It should also be said that when archiving GCNJEA, the reviewer gave only one day for the cache owner to sort the problem out. It seems that some cachers have a lot more time than that to sort out problems with their caches.