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I disagree with GoldenHaystack on this cache for the following reason:

No matter what the cache owner says it is cheating to log a cache as a virtual just because you cannot find it. This was a traditional cache and NOT a virtual and this statement should never have been allowed. I believe that I was the last person to physically find this cache since May 2011. The only reason I was one of 3 who asked for this cache to be archived was to stop this sort of cheating. I wrote in my Needs Archive log “I totally disagree with the ‘if you can’t find it, log it as a virtual’ idea and for that reason only I think it should be archived.” The reviewer obviously agreed with me as it was archived the next day. When I went to place my “Heltor Rock” cache I soon found the original cache and removed it – it had been there all the time, but I was the only one to find it in nearly 2 years and yet it had been logged as “found” many times during that period.

The basic principle of geocaching is, as we have said so many times, FIND the cache and SIGN the log. Then you can log a find.