Reply To: Another Cache Archived – Should We Care?

Avatar photodartymoor

I do think it’s a shame, and it could be viewed as littering. I’d be happy to swap the log or even remove the cache next time I’m in that area if the CO wants it. It’s very close to the road and was one of my first caches.

Funnily enough, I was caching only half a mile away on saturday, doing the lovely widdecombe views series. One of the logs in that was sopping and from comments had been for some time. I replaced the log (saw your mark there Dave, once I’d dried it out) as I didn’t want to give the CO’s an excuse to archive and spoil it for others (as they’ve done with one at Saddle Tor which is still there and fine)

Couple of extra questions:

Is archiving like this a sign the cacher is getting bored of the hobby?

Is replacing a wet or missing log always a good thing to do?

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