Reply To: Copy and Paste Logs!

Avatar photodartymoor

Without the effort involved with replacing log sheets, caches would stay around a lot longer as CO’s lose interest, leading to heavier saturation and more difficulty in finding somewhere to put new ones. I think it’s a useful requirement and a good indicator of an unloved or poorly made/maintained/placed cache.

Without a certain level of ‘churn’, this hobby would get quite boring. It’s sad to see a very old cache be archived, especially when somebody has offered to adopt it but the CO won’t reply, and it causes disappointment to new finders to find a wet pulpy mess and horrid contents/swaps.

But I don’t feel sad when it’s a cache that the owner isn’t prepared to look after or even respond to problems.

Moving pure digital and you might as well just play Munzee instead; after all, what’s the difference?