Reply To: Throwdowns – A CO's Nightmare

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

That is only part of the story. I was FTF on this cache so I have always known exactly where it should be. When I found it the Foxglove letterbox was under the same rock, but on the other side – it hadn’t been found since 1991 and was in a dreadful state, but may have caused some confusion. It did, however, have a proper stamp.

I re-visited in 2012 and took the 2 photos shown in my log. The Foxglove box was still there and still had its stamp. The cache was in pristine condition. After this, the hybrid cache then obviously got soaking wet and the stamp disappeared.

I re-visited again in 2013 and removed the saturated logbook and replaced it with a new logbook in a new clip lock box inside the ammo can. It appears that this didn’t last very long and disappeared again. Apparantly another cache has now been added. Another confusion was the familiar tftc log from Tallisman which resulted in Moor to Sea looking for the cache for another hour 👿 !