Reply To: Throwdowns – A CO's Nightmare


I read this thread with interest, as I wonder how many throwdowns we have signed over the 2 years we have been caching.
A few times I have been looking for a cache that the info says regular sized cache with room for swaps and trackables. And all we found is a 35mm film canister with a strip of paper in it.
Only last week we went around Tottiford Resevoir and one cache (Top Totty (TV8) ) , we had to do a double check as the log had not been signed since 2010 but the 25 logs on my phone where from the last 8 months. Has everyone else been signing a throwdown ,as the one we signed had the cache name and part of the bonus coordinates on the lid.
Why do people do it, we don’t find it shameful to log a DNF, it’s helpful to the CO and other cachers.