Reply To: BOOTS!

Tamerton Chocolates

I bought mine specifically for walking on Dartmoor which is a lot wetter & very tussocky compared to almost anywhere else you walk.

I decided on a pair of Lowa combat GTX. I can wade through inches of water for hours and my feet will still be dry and because they are high, I never twist any ankles either (and I don’t need to faff around with gaiters!). I am almost in the same weight category as Dartymoor 😉 and being 6ft6 I am also very hard on shoes but these are hardly showing any wear after 3 years and a lot of miles.

They are however heavier and less flexible then walking shoes so you will need to get used to them.

Have a look at RVops in Estover as they have quite a range of outdoor stuff that you won’t see in places like GoOutdoors.