Reply To: Throwdowns – A CO's Nightmare


There have been numerous occasions where I have carried out maintenance on caches belonging to others, replacing log books, drying out containers, or just checking that the cache is still in place. I feel that the majority of cachers are more than happy to do this. However there is one thing that I would never do regardless of the D/T rating, and that is placing a throwdown because I had not managed to find the original cache, even if the CO allows it. Surely the only course of action if you can’t find a cache is to record a DNF.

Anyone placing caches must realise that they are responsible for maintaining those caches; cache owners should not wait for other cachers to maintain their caches for them. Cache owners should also not wait for many months before taking action on needs maintenance logs.

I would not expect anyone to replace my cache containers, nor would I accept found logs if a throwdown were placed. I would hope that if a needs maintenance log was posted on any cache that I owned, that I would be able to check it out within a few weeks, if I was unable to do that then I would not hesitate in archiving the cache.

How many caches should a single person be allowed to own, is it 50 or 200 or 1779. I doubt if the reviewers or are that bothered, they are after all only interested in numbers.