Reply To: Throwdowns – A CO's Nightmare

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I’m posting in this thread, not to drag up an arguement or attack anyone in particular, but to give an alternative view.

Last week I did two medium length series by Poshrule in Dorset; Babcary Bounce and Charlton Crusade (totalling 11 miles of flat, well-kept farmland and roads). Never done this CO’s caches before, so I read the descriptions more carefully and he mentions;

“i visit the area regularly but should you find a damp/wet log or even a container missing i am more than happy for it to be replaced should you carry spares prior to my next visit.”

So I took three spare caches along and had three DNFs in the first six of the series and used them all. Clues were specific and difficulty rated low, and subsequent finders have confirmed they’ve only found mine. I DNF’d one half way around, but had no spare or idea where it could be – and luckily, for another person the same day did find it (highlighting the risk of being arrogant when deciding to throwdown!). The last one in the series of 35 wasn’t there though, but I did have another spare in the car nearby so replaced that too.

Four throwdowns in one series, and thanked by the CO later for doing so.

I do understand this is different to some of the examples mentioned on here, but I thought of this thread whilst doing it, and you know? I’m glad I did as, yes, I got smileys, but so did those following me the same day and as this CO has the most caches of anyone in the country (1,779 of them!) I don’t mind giving them a bit of help. Cost to me is a couple of quid, but I was there anyway and with specific clues and a low D – combined with a public series, I was reasonably sure they had been muggled away. Without that line on the description, I wouldn’t have replaced any caches.

So anyway, I’m rambling. No surprise there. And this is VERY different to a High-D, no-Clued example like Smallacombe Bottom and I would probably be just as miffed as him in that case – but I’m presenting a case where throwdowns /can/ be acceptable – in my opinion.