2021 Dartmoor Geocoin Race – Latest Positions

23rd May 2021 – Latest Positions

It is not surprising that the annual Dartmoor Geocoin race is suffering a similar fate in 2021 as it did in 2020. However, the lockdown has been relaxed far sooner than last year and we are already seeing some travel abroad taking place. Not that any of our geocoins have travelled abroad yet, the furthest seems to be one going to Scotland.

Once again it is very disappointing to see almost half the geocoins are still with their owners, 6 out of those 12 not even activated! Please at least activate your geocoin as then I can watch it which makes updating this table so much easier. Ideally ALL of the geocoins should have been activated by now and there is no reason why they shouldn’t have already been dropped into a cache for others to find. Please do this as soon as possible, many thanks.

5th October 2021 – Latest Positions

Although I have been receiving probably a record number of notifications from the geocoins I am able to watch, none of them have travelled very far and none have left the UK yet! However, very few have actually gone missing which is very pleasing. Perhaps with travelling restrictions being eased we might find some travelling abroad. 

There are still 3 geocoins not activated which is crazy as it only takes a few minutes to do. Until they are activated it takes me 10 times longer to see where they might be as I can’t watch them and have to use much more difficult methods. It’s still not too late, please activate them and get them moving!

Updated 5th October 2021 - Race finished 30th November 2021
NameCacher NameTB NoMilesLast LocationStatus
Neil ArmstrongFinder-Man TB9TRGY 2,491CheltenamIn cache
Paul Bevanbig eddie TB9TRDC 1,938AberystwythIn cache
Isaac Ogdenheartradio TB9TRHM 1,337KeswickVisiting
Emma Cameronelcameron36TB9TRCY1,129Edinburgh, ScotlandVisiting
Joanna Leehomeleejo TB9TRD0 1,068CromerRetrieved
Jayne GuppyJaynie15 TB9TRHC 843ScarboroughVisiting, not moved since July!
John StackGolden Haystack TB9TRHN 694Toddington, BedsIn cache but marked as missing!
Belinda McSherryT&BMcSherryTB9TRGX576PrestonVisiting
Carol NorrishDylan1966TB9TRHK476TeignmouthIn cache
Dan VincentBigKid05TB9TRFH454WorcesterRetrieved
Anne HamiltonHeavenlymxTB9TRHH416Isle of WightVisiting
Christine Hutchinschutch74TB9TRD2415GlastonburyIn cache
Murray KohnMuzzaDazzlerTB9TRDK226SouthendRetrieved
Suzy Ayshfordjazz_a TB9TRH3 221BristolVisiting
Emily HowardEmilyMilnerTB9TREJ191Moreton-in-MarshIn cache
Sam BiggsFalscout TB9TREW 178BedfordRetrieved
Cathy PengillyPinguiglooTB9TRHQ164ExminsterRetrieved
Pamela Stokesprs1935 TB9TRHF 81Wotten-under-EdgeRetrieved
Tom Gordontomgordon98 TB9TRDP 60HonitonIn cache
Louise AutyBalrogslayers Mum TB9TRD9 44Maxworthy, DevonVisiting
Andrew Stokesstokes2342TB9TRH60TopshamIn starting cache since August
Janet KnellerWeather-ITTB9TRDE0TeignmouthIn starting cache since June, but cache not visited since!
Justine TearThe Old Grey MareTB9TRD70PembrokeIn starting cache since August
Fran WoolleywoolleybearTB9TRH40With OwnerActivated
Amanda KellowkellowaxAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Colin MastersClan MastersAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Kevin Bastowdartmoor stridersAwaiting Notification0With Owner